Making sure your  message strikes home.

Translations grounded in expertise and excellence.

You have the perfect text in Spanish or English and need the same quality in German? As an experienced translator with specialist knowledge, I will create exactly the translation you need.


My benchmark? The native speaker principle.

As a rule, professional translators translate into their mother tongue. That’s because only native speakers understand the nuances of their language and can best compose a text that is comprehensible, authentic and reads like an original in the target language. If your project requires translations in the other direction as well, I’ll gladly take on projects from German into Spanish or English.

  • English – german
  • Spanish – German
  • German – English
  • german – Spanish
of Expertise

I know
what I am talking about.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Psychology
  • Marketing

My main area of expertise is software localization. And localization does not mean just translating an application, software or website into the required target language, but perfectly adapting it to the linguistic and cultural circumstances of the country as well. Further subject areas I have been handling for many years now include financial and medical texts as well as topics such as psychology, marketing, and advertisement. My portfolio also comprises general texts.


My aspiration?Communicating in a targeted, effective way.

A successful translation meets the following requirements: It is precise. It is competent. And it is linguistically convincing.

Portrait von Tanja Hoheisel.

My Mission.


I am thrilled about communication and languages. This is one of the reasons why I decided to study translation. I will accompany your project with expertise and enormous personal commitment, and I will do my best to ensure that my translations contribute to your success.

The right background

My degree as a professional translator for English and Spanish as well as my many years of experience in the translation business guarantee the highest quality. Excellent professional translations require precise research, an exact understanding of the source text and a consistent use of terminology. That corresponds exactly to my training.

The necessary tools

My experience with several translation management systems such as SDL Trados, Multiterm, Transit, IBM Translation Manager, SDLX, and others ensures the consistency of your texts. I am also happy to use other, similar tools at your request. Furthermore, I use MS Windows as an operating system and MS Office as my office application.

Strict adherence to deadlines

What good is the best translation if it is not completed on time? Strict adherence to your deadlines is my highest priority. As soon as I confirm your deadline, you can fully rely on it. That is a promise.


Transparent and fair. My rates.

My rates depend on several factors. The most important are subject area, language combination, and difficulty of the text. In addition, the deadline and the file format play an important role. Generally, I invoice my translation services per word in the source language. The minimum fee is 0.10 euro per word. I can offer a discount for larger projects. Alternatively, we can discuss a price based on line and hourly rates.

  • Minimum fee per word
    EUR 0.10 plus VAT
  • Line or hourly rates upon request
  • Discounts for large projects

Successful projects.
Satisfied customers.

Since 2000 I have been working as a freelance translator for translation agencies, companies, and private customers. My customer base comprises business clients, technical and industrial companies as well as medical institutes and financial service providers. I have also worked on projects for universities and public authorities.

In addition to the high quality I offer in my translations, my customers especially appreciate the direct and uncomplicated communication, my personal advice, and our professional working relationship.

  • Trainings and marketing material for SAP
  • SEO articles for IG (financial services)
  • Blog entries for Materialise (3D print)
  • Texts for the geographical information system ArcGIS Pro
  • Marketing materials for ThyssenKrupp Elevator
  • Information material for insurance and health providers

Sounds convincing?

Blick über Berlin.

From Berlin. For the whole world.

Tanja Hoheisel
Diplom-Übersetzerin (FH)
Spittastr. 13
10317 Berlin

Phone +49 (0)30 29779085